Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Planning Photo Book

After reading Mrs. Lemon’s blog on Wedding Bee, I had an idea of my own. I thought it was more fiscally responsible for me to put a photo book together of all the pictures I have saved off of the internet…then try to print them and bind them myself. I do the majority of idea searching via FireFox and need a way to collect them for vendor meetings. The fact that Picaboo is currently offering a free book with shipping and handling is a no brainer.

I found the layouts simple to use and will let you know when I receive the book at the quality of the pages. You just need to register for an account, download their software, explore your artistic side, and enter the coupon code at checkout. For only for $10 - shipping and handling – seems like perfection to me.

My one concern is the judgment I receive, doesn’t your “wedding ideas” book being hard-cover and bound seem a little bridezilla-esque. What are my vendors to think when I whip this baby out?

(I’ll post screen shots later!)

Monday, September 17, 2007

Scent du Jour

I have always, since I was little, dreamed of wearing a Chanel perfume. Chanel’s classic style, black and white timeless looks, fit my personality to a T. Also, I think there is something incredibly sexy about a woman and her signature scent. Something her man knows and identifiers her by.

I have a huge dilemma. While Chanel No. 5 smells wonderful – it also (to me, just me I’m sure), smells, well – slightly older than I would want to smell. So I absolutely fell in love with Chanel Mademoiselle (I even love the name!). Now here lies the problem – my Future Mother-in-Law (MIL) wears the stuff!

I don’t know about you – but to me – smelling like the honey-to-be’s mother, huge turn off.

So I am now seeking out a new signature scent to wear on the big day. I don’t know why – but I love the idea of a wedding perfume.

Here are some options:

Chanel Chance

And if I venture outside of the Chanel World:
Miss Dior

Plus, the other problem, my honey-to-be is never without a strong opinion. (I.e. – we are shopping for engagement rings, and in front of the jeweler, tells him the one I like it awfully ugly!) Now don’t get confused, his strong opinion is never cold-hearted, and lately with wedding planning, I appreciate it more and more. I would rather an outspoken groom that enjoys the day with me, than feeling as though he is just my pawn in the wedding game of life!

Anyone recommend specific perfumes? Also, should I get his vote and not tell him which one I pick to make sure the scent du jour doesn’t send him running down the aisle?

And just for your reading pleasure, Chanel released a perfume for 3rd world countires….interesting engouh called…Chanel 3rd

Saturday, September 15, 2007

You Have to Have Them – So "Fork" Over Less!

According to Deborah A. Wilburn, author of For Richer, Not Poorer, there are ways to save money on the essentials of the wedding: CAKE. A couple that stuck out for me:

Have your cake and eat it too! – Two options:
1. Order the fancy, pretty wedding cake of your dreams, but have it made smaller than necessary. Then, put the cake in the spotlight out front for the guests to see. Then, have the baker whip up sheet cakes in the back and cut & serve those to the guests. Much cheaper than having you beautiful cake served up to all, but you still get the same impact. Wonderful for large weddings!
2. Check out your local markets! Albertson’s, Kroger, and many other grocery stores offer wedding cakes that are much more gorgeous than one might think. The price tag is SIGNIFICANTLY lower as well and can save you hundreds, depending on the size of your cake. They even have a portfolio for you to sample their work before committing.

Bon Appétit!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I have a Confession....

I am addicted to Bridezilla. I tell myself that I am strictly watching to serve as a constant reminder how to remain calm and not be caught by the crazed bride bug…but, let’s be completely honest here…it is the pure shock that thrills me. I sit there, mouth agape, watching every Wednesday when a marathon ensues. Asking myself…how…how could anyone be this out-of-touch with reality and think treating another human this way is appropriate, let alone the honeys-to-be that put up with these girls’ (excuse the french) s**t.

So, if you haven’t watched an episode…tune to the WE network (Women’s Entertainment Network) and grab that popcorn. Last night featured a girl from Denton, TX (my college town) and she blew my mind. Literally, made my head want to explode – ranting and raving that she is the princess. That, “Dad is there to pay for everything, Mom is there to give me what I want…” and her fiancé was there to put the 10 carats of bling on her hand!

I must thank WE for such a humbling show; it helps put everything into perspective and serves to better the rest of us – which I’m sure was their goal when they set out to produce such fine television programming.

Also, to test level of Bridezilla-ness…take their Quiz and know that if you do score high enough to earn the title, there is still time and hope to bring you back down to Earth!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Okay, Okay…I know what you are going to say…

Susan, didn’t you already buy two dresses…two fantastically, gorgeous, bargain dresses – why on Earth would you buy another, at furthermore, an EXACT duplicate of the dress you already purchased for the ceremony?

All incredibly valid questions. When I saw my dress (almost exactly – same size and everything, *except* the ruffle colors are white not a taupe/champagne) pop-up on eBay for a fantastic $99 with $30 to ship – I was intrigued. The auction ended with no buyer…so I emailed the seller asking if she was going to re-list the dress, possibly for even less (how cheap can I be?).

Now, the dress I already own, needed a good cleaning and had a stain on the skirt. I have been informed that cleaning will probably run me around $250 dollars! Yikes! After speaking to bridejamie, the eBay seller that has fantastic Grace shoes online right now, I realized this dress would not need any cleaning. She said only five girls tried it on before the dress was discontinued (blasphemy!) and it looked immaculate.

This is how I justified purchasing the dress. I also cannot determine if I like the all white ruffles on this one – or the two-tone look my current dress has. I will post pictures of me wearing the dresses this weekend. Maybe even take a vote…?

Hopefully you will can tell why I am in love with this dress – that the camera does it justice.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"Non-refundable Deposits: What's Up With That?"

I received this in an email...thought it might be helpful to you as well...the article is continued via the link below....

"The explanation is very simple and the practice is crucial to professionals in the wedding industry. When you reserve a particular wedding professional's services, you are in essence taking their product home with you. They have dates on the calendar to sell. Once you have reserved that date, they cannot sell that date to another. Even though the wedding professional may be a photographer, florist, or venue, the physical product you receive at the end requires the professional to reserve your wedding date for you and you only.

It's a two-way commitment. The professional cannot accept a higher offer from another bride once he/she has committed to you. "

Courtesy of Brie Bradles, DFW Bride's Club

Monday, September 10, 2007

Well, Stick a Feather in My Cap….

This is by far the most random story – but Neil McCoy (yes…the country music star, google him!) told me last night that my fiancé did a great job and my e-ring was beautiful.

I was delayed at the airport last night for four hours (yeah, four grueling hours…weather, crew shifts…excuses, excuses!) and ended up sitting next to Neil McCoy, who is one of the warmest, friendliest men I’ve ever met. I met another girl there, named Crystal, who had just served as MOH for her best friend’s wedding. Still clutching the bouquet, I asked her all the details – what her gift was, what the rehearsal dinner was like, the venue, the dress – I went straight up stalker style, from zero to sixty.

Then, not at all freaked out (even excited), Crystal busts out her camera and shows us all the wedding photos. She is now sitting between Neil and I (we are on a first name basis), slide-showing the photos for us as Neil and I ooh and aah-ing over the beautiful wedding.

So, random…but Neil gives me his blessing!