Thursday, September 13, 2007

I have a Confession....

I am addicted to Bridezilla. I tell myself that I am strictly watching to serve as a constant reminder how to remain calm and not be caught by the crazed bride bug…but, let’s be completely honest here…it is the pure shock that thrills me. I sit there, mouth agape, watching every Wednesday when a marathon ensues. Asking myself…how…how could anyone be this out-of-touch with reality and think treating another human this way is appropriate, let alone the honeys-to-be that put up with these girls’ (excuse the french) s**t.

So, if you haven’t watched an episode…tune to the WE network (Women’s Entertainment Network) and grab that popcorn. Last night featured a girl from Denton, TX (my college town) and she blew my mind. Literally, made my head want to explode – ranting and raving that she is the princess. That, “Dad is there to pay for everything, Mom is there to give me what I want…” and her fiancĂ© was there to put the 10 carats of bling on her hand!

I must thank WE for such a humbling show; it helps put everything into perspective and serves to better the rest of us – which I’m sure was their goal when they set out to produce such fine television programming.

Also, to test level of Bridezilla-ness…take their Quiz and know that if you do score high enough to earn the title, there is still time and hope to bring you back down to Earth!

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bride of rochester said...

i have to tell you that i have been dying to see that show but have yet to! i'm going to have to hunt it down for sure now!