Sunday, September 9, 2007

Honey-to-Be Excitement

I discovered last night from some friends’ of ours about how truly excited Honey-to-Be is with the progress I have made. I found out that similar to those couples with brag books hidden everywhere they go – he has been showing anyone that steps foot near his (or their) computer EVERY PICTURE that I have sent him regarding the wedding. Engagement pictures, venue, ring – the works!

I am, while on the surface, laughing it off – absolutely thrilled deep, down inside that he is this happy with my planning thus far. The fact he is that happy with anything I found is not only a pat on my back, but a deep relief. Having to tackle the decisions alone in another city for the most part, has left me worried that he won’t love it – and with this reaction, I know that I am right on track.

Also, the way he beams and shows everyone my e-ring, awaiting (and loving) to hear their reaction – is well, endearing. Even with me constantly reminding him, that it is just a ring and I will love whatever he picked out for me; he is ecstatic that this fantastic ring fit into his modest budget – and is happy to get every girl’s reaction when he announces the engagement news.

I am, on the other hand, am still working on telling people – it’s not that I am not happy, I just don’t like to be the center of attention. I always fear that once I start talking – I won’t stop, and someone will be bored to tears at the hand of my wedding talk. I would much rather talk about them than about myself….a foreign concept to many. Any suggestions on “faking it”? How has your honey-to-be shown his support?

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