Monday, September 10, 2007

Well, Stick a Feather in My Cap….

This is by far the most random story – but Neil McCoy (yes…the country music star, google him!) told me last night that my fiancé did a great job and my e-ring was beautiful.

I was delayed at the airport last night for four hours (yeah, four grueling hours…weather, crew shifts…excuses, excuses!) and ended up sitting next to Neil McCoy, who is one of the warmest, friendliest men I’ve ever met. I met another girl there, named Crystal, who had just served as MOH for her best friend’s wedding. Still clutching the bouquet, I asked her all the details – what her gift was, what the rehearsal dinner was like, the venue, the dress – I went straight up stalker style, from zero to sixty.

Then, not at all freaked out (even excited), Crystal busts out her camera and shows us all the wedding photos. She is now sitting between Neil and I (we are on a first name basis), slide-showing the photos for us as Neil and I ooh and aah-ing over the beautiful wedding.

So, random…but Neil gives me his blessing!

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