Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Okay, Okay…I know what you are going to say…

Susan, didn’t you already buy two dresses…two fantastically, gorgeous, bargain dresses – why on Earth would you buy another, at furthermore, an EXACT duplicate of the dress you already purchased for the ceremony?

All incredibly valid questions. When I saw my dress (almost exactly – same size and everything, *except* the ruffle colors are white not a taupe/champagne) pop-up on eBay for a fantastic $99 with $30 to ship – I was intrigued. The auction ended with no buyer…so I emailed the seller asking if she was going to re-list the dress, possibly for even less (how cheap can I be?).

Now, the dress I already own, needed a good cleaning and had a stain on the skirt. I have been informed that cleaning will probably run me around $250 dollars! Yikes! After speaking to bridejamie, the eBay seller that has fantastic Grace shoes online right now, I realized this dress would not need any cleaning. She said only five girls tried it on before the dress was discontinued (blasphemy!) and it looked immaculate.

This is how I justified purchasing the dress. I also cannot determine if I like the all white ruffles on this one – or the two-tone look my current dress has. I will post pictures of me wearing the dresses this weekend. Maybe even take a vote…?

Hopefully you will can tell why I am in love with this dress – that the camera does it justice.


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