Saturday, September 1, 2007

Selecting Wedding Colors

Now – I have always thought I knew what my colors should be. Pink. I love it – it’s pretty – and everyone looks fabulous wearing it.

Then I woke-up from this dream and realized, having a pink wedding is slightly cruel to my honey-to-be, his groomsman and it is an obvious and predictable choice for me. (Anyone that knows me would assume that my wedding would be pink; pink=kryptonite!)

So back to the drawing board: I selected a tiffany blue/turquoise, silver, white, with touches of black, for contrast. I have true passion for the turquoise blue and steel gray due to the fact they are my sorority’s colors.

So, when I saw a quiz on the Knot yesterday, What Wedding Colors Suit You Best?, saying it would show me my true bridal color destiny – I thought it might be fun. I can be open-minded (sometimes?), maybe this quiz will open my eyes to some fantastic color palette that no one, not even me, would expect for my wedding.

Here are my quiz results:

"Traditional Color Combinations"

Seriously? I am that predictable. A quiz that consists of four questions was able to nail me to a T what exactly my wedding “look” should be. I don’t know whether to be impressed or pissed that I am as readable as a book, and maybe even a little on the boring vanilla side of life. (Which, might I add; vanilla is a color the Knot selected for my wedding palette – touché)

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