Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"Non-refundable Deposits: What's Up With That?"

I received this in an email...thought it might be helpful to you as well...the article is continued via the link below....

"The explanation is very simple and the practice is crucial to professionals in the wedding industry. When you reserve a particular wedding professional's services, you are in essence taking their product home with you. They have dates on the calendar to sell. Once you have reserved that date, they cannot sell that date to another. Even though the wedding professional may be a photographer, florist, or venue, the physical product you receive at the end requires the professional to reserve your wedding date for you and you only.

It's a two-way commitment. The professional cannot accept a higher offer from another bride once he/she has committed to you. "

Courtesy of Brie Bradles, DFW Bride's Club

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