Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A Different Kind of Reading Material

I have recently, like any good bride-to-be, taken up new reading material. I figured I should be well versed in every aspect of weddings possible, so as the day approaches quickly, I will not be overwhelmed. (At least in my mind, this is the simple plan….)

Books I am currently reading to discover the untold secrets of wedding planning and the best way to remain a sane bride are:

1001 Ways to Save Money...and Still Have a Dazzling Wedding, by Sharon Naylor

This book is chalk full of gold nuggets! There are literally 1001 tips and it is a wonderful place to start for novice planners, such as myself. The in’s and out’s that you would never think of to save money here and there. Also, it gives tips on how to not be snowed under and pushed around by vendors and their contracts. *I would have never dreamed that wedding vendors would do some of the devious, hide clauses in your contract shenanigans, but I guess that is what they are counting on – your pure marital bliss to take over your better judgment!

For Richer, Not Poorer: The Newlyweds' Financial Survival Guide, by Deborah Wilburn.
A wonderful book outlining the ins and outs of tackling tough financial questions that MUST be answered before you and your honey-to-be say “I do”. Even a financial worksheet so you can both show all your cards (the good – assets, the bad – debt) and know what you are marrying into. Since money is cited as one of the leading reasons for divorce, this gives you the tools and questions to approach the money talk and combat and prevent any issues you may run into down the road.

A More Perfect Union: How I Survived the Happiest Day of My Life, by Hana Schank.
A much needed, dry-humor (which I love), that keeps me laughing and my spirits high. I feel as though Hana gets it – unlike all of the ones I love that know only the high-side of wedding planning, not the low-lows.

I will post the priceless secrets and quirky anecdotes I discover through my reading.

Each book is under $ and linked to either Half or Amazon, whichever price I found to be the cheaper.

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